"Michelle worked with me on a very unique home and she knew exactly what to do to make the property sparkle. She made my clients feel they were part of the process and the decision making and the results transformed the house. The house shows beautifully and will definitely result in a good sale. I would recommend Michelle to everyone!"

L.R. Barrett & Co. Realtor

"Michelle, You did a beautiful job staging our property. The open house went well, drawing 30+ people (in the middle of a storm). The feedback has consistently been that the house shows very well- and for that we thank you. We have accepted a purchase offer in less than one week. We will keep you in the loop.

C.K Winchester homeowner

"Michelle was out of this world fantastic!!! Michelle showed a genuine concern for my best interest in selling my home quickly with minimal expenses. Michelle has a keen eye for taking a room from blah to WOW with a few quick and uncomplicated changes. My house sold in less than 24 hours of being listed on the MLS with 9 qualified overbid offers! You have to see her magic to believe it! Simply incredible!!! I wouldn't attempt to sell another piece of property without her expertise and I am looking forward to using Michelle when I purchase my next home for her design services." 

J.H. Westford homeowner

"Michelle was essential to preparing our home for the market. She has a masterful eye for interior layout and design combined with expert planning, prioritization and resourcefulness. The result is a project realistic in time and budget. Not only is she fantastic to work with, but through her efforts we added considerable market value to our home." 

K.R. Bedford homeowner


Inside Out Staging and Design    339-927-2588    Michelle@insideoutstaginganddesign.com

"THANK YOU" The house looks great, all of your ideas were fantastic and most importantly you motivated my husband! The last home you staged for us (which, if you remember, sold for FULL PRICE, in one week) it was like pulling teeth to get him to do things, but because YOU said it, he listened! He's out buying a rug, picture and plant, as we speak! We already had a great home but you made it better and we appreciate that!"

K.T. Chelmsford homeowner

"We are so thankful to have had Michelle help us stage our home. The changes that she suggested in our home have wowed our friends and family, who all said, "I always thought you should do that." Sure they did. Michelle has a creative mind and a thorough eye for recognizing what works in a room and what doesn't. She is also a pleasure to work with, keeping us relaxed and laughing. We highly recommend her services."

A.K. Acton homeowner

"It was delightful to work with Michelle. Her creative suggestions in a few short hours made a lovely difference in the presentation of our home. She had very practical and reasonable recommendations for changes within our modest budget."

B.R. Lexington homeowner

"What makes Michelle's services so valuable to my clients and I, is her ability to really listen to people's needs and concerns and work within their comfort level and budget, whatever that may be. She sometimes needs to make tough recommendations but does so without offending and gets the client to understand why what's she's suggesting is important and necessary. The end result is a happy client and a house that sells faster and for more money!"

S.K. Keller and Williams Realtor

" I had never sold a property before and had no idea how to stage my house for resale. Michelle arrived promptly on time, surveyed the space and quickly offered suggestions to make my residence marketable. She is easy to work with, enjoys a good laugh and made me want to incorporate the changes she recommended. Her creative eye and flair for putting pieces together proved successful in this challenging real estate environment. My house sold in 5 days! I would highly recommend Michelle for selling a house or decorating a home. Thanks Michelle and I look forward to working with you again!"

H.R. Lexington homeowner

"Staging is inherently traumatic with its combination of stress over the sales process, cost and uncertainty of final results. Michelle handled the process well, with good information up front and well documented feedback delivered with tact, but with quality logic backing up her recommendations." 

D.F. Bedford homeowner

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"Thank you so much for helping me stage my listings! Your fine eye, attention to detail and your hard work is very much appreciated. I won't list without your help."

E.S. Coldwell Banker Realtor

"Thank you for your good wishes and congratulations. We were so fortunate to have had your creative touch and ability to make everything look its best. It wasn't easy to move from such a beautiful place but you and our wonderful broker were so helpful during this stressful period. Remember the beautiful light green quilt you purchased for our guest bedroom? It looks just perfect in our small bedroom, painted sage green and looking out at the trees and shrubs. Come and visit."

F.P. Bedford homeowner

Inside Out Staging and Design Testimonials

"I wanted to thank you so much for all your help and inspiration. You really got us moving in the right direction! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who has been in their home for a while, not just if they are moving but also if they just moved in from another location and have 'stuff'. Your fresh take on things is really helpful and your suggestions are quite practical and easy to implement. Anybody can come in and tell someone to rearrange a few things and then go spend a bundle to make things nicer. You mainly got us upgraded with the things we already owned!"

B.F. Carlisle homeowner

"I do not list a house without her. Her talents and natural ability add value to every sale, equating to higher dollars in my seller's pockets. She is wonderful and my clients love her!"

L.B. Coldwell Banker Realtor

"(House sold in two days) We owe it to you. Thank you so much for the excellent advice. It was a lot of work but all worthwhile and we are enjoying the 'after' look ourselves."

E.T. Lexington homeowner

"Michelle was great! I was faced with a relocation and wanted to put my home on the market quickly. Michelle came in and made specific suggestions for how my house would show better. She worked tirelessly with me and then on her own to be sure the house was ready in my (very aggressive) timeframe. I highly recommend her!"

E.R. Concord homeowner

"Thank you so much! Without your advice, the house wouldn't have showed the way it did or received an offer above asking price. It was a pleasure working with you. I can’t recommend your services enough!"

H.M. Carlisle homeowner

"Michelle was professional and wonderful to work with. She had the difficult task of staging a very large gracious new home, on a limited budget, and did it wonderfully and on time. I truly believe that her staging helped to sell this home. I definitely plan on using her from now on, every time I need to stage a home."

K.R. Hammond Realtor

"Thanks Michelle, we got an offer that we accepted on Memorial Day. I really believe that your help had a lot to do with it. The several rooms that I needed to better identify looked much better after I changed things around and added other touches based on your suggestions. Lots of compliments on the master bedroom/bath and the 3rd floor. I also am keeping you in mind, once I buy; I would like employ your services again to help us with the "living.""

L.S. Westford homeowner